We equip creative content owners, distributors, and media channels with the simplest and most intelligent tools to exploit their catalogs, revealing new opportunities to maximize audiences and profitability.

Rightsline is the world’s only true, multi-tenant, software-as-a-service rights and contract management platform. Offering real-time avails, pipeline management, contract visibility, and inventory management, Rightsline powers many of the world’s leading companies within the media and entertainment ecosystem. We provide content owners, distributors, sales agents, business groups, and legal teams in any organization with full, 360 degree visibility into all their rights, in all territories and on all platforms, worldwide. Empowering companies to achieve ultimate catalog monetization – through easy tracking of expirations, conflicts, and opportunities – is at the core of the software toolset for which Rightsline has become renown.

At the center of our philosophy are three core values we hold on behalf of our customers:

Security and Confidentiality

Rightsline leverages the most secure data protection mechanisms available in the market to ensure that your data always remains your data.


If we can’t solve the pain points that drive you and your team crazy, then we’re not doing our job. What’s best, when we solve pain points for other customers, you’ll benefit too. That’s the unbeatable advantage of using a true, multi-tenant, SaaS platform.


Innovation and transparency drive our success. We provide an open and public API at the foundation of our technology, and we encourage you and your teams to really look under the hood. See how easy it is to integrate our industry-proven and acclaimed platform with virtually any accounting, scheduling, asset management, or delivery system – or any other in-house process.