Stay Creative and Strengthen Collaboration

Collaboration is vital in maintaining a solid yet creative team. Therefore, it is critical to have intelligent workflows to track essential milestones and never miss important events.

Our Solution:

  • You’ll be able to create pre-production workflows to manage the greenlighting process more clearly.
  • With Rightsline, collaboration is easy. You’ll be able to work together with other teams directly in the application.
  • Rightsline will track important milestones and dates. You’ll never miss an option date or due payment again.
  • You’ll be able to report on project status.

Used by Industry Leaders Across the Globe

With Rightsline, we make it as simple as possible to manage every kind of license, deals and royalties you have — anywhere in the world.

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Gain 360° Visibility Into All Your Rights

In all territories and on all platforms worldwide: Real-time avails, pipeline management, contract visibility, inventory management and more.