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Boat Rocker Media Eliminated 95% of Manual Mistakes in Rights Management by Implementing Rightsline

Rocker Media Employee

Pete Micek

Senior Manager, Boat Rocker Media


It’s really difficult to manage complex international sales with spreadsheets.

– Pete Micek, Senior Manager, Boat Rocker Media.

Senior Manager Pete Micek oversees rights management and sales reporting for Boat Rocker Media. Pete wanted to ensure all data is in one place to help track complex billing schedules and streamline reporting.


Pete uses Rightsline to sync all content data in real-time, increase productivity and automate the financial reporting process.

On Collaboration:

“As our distribution side grew, we realized we could leverage Rightsline’s capability to track complex billing schedules and report on them.”


Boat Rocker Media increased their productivity, eliminated almost all manual mistakes, and were able to keep all data in one place by using the Rightsline platform.

“There was no one place to look…. now we’re able to bring everything into Rightsline.”

Pete Micek
Senior Manager at Boat Rocker Media

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