Customer Story

Genius Brands International Increases Their Production by 30% With Rightsline

Genius and Rightline

Kyle Ritchie

Director at Genius Brands International Inc (GNUS)


As Director of Genius Brands International, Kyle Ritchie is responsible for the busy day-to-day operation of the company. As part of the operations strategy, he wanted to use a native cloud-based rights management platform to help improve their acquisition processes, avoid contractual issues and increase overall productivity by using a seamless reporting system.


Kyle uses Rightsline to streamline acquisition deals as part of their two-year vertical strategy to improve the production cycle, adding visibility to all daily content and their production ecosystem.


Genius Brands International saw a production increase of over 30% by implementing Rightsline. They also saw zero red flags for contractual bounds, with much busier weeks and a 23% increase in acquisitions.

The more money you have the more rights you can acquire. When we started with Rightsline we had 30 acquisition deals, and right now, we are at about 130.

Kyle Ritchie
Director at Genius Brands International Inc (GNUS)

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