Keep Track Of All Your Finances

With multiple spreadsheets and, at times, outdated software, accounting and finance can be a tedious task. It is vital to use modern tools to help manage contractual obligations and produce best-in-class reports to stay ahead of your finances, maximize efficiency, and minimize risk.

Our Solution:

  • Rightsline will help you stay on top of your finances, minimizing errors along the way.
  • No more duplication — Rightsline integrates with your ERP.
  • Track upcoming or overdue invoices with Date Math™ and collaborate with sales and legal within the platform.
  • Track expenses, recoupments, waterfall calculations, and more.
  • Advanced support for allocation, amortization, and more accounting practices supported.
  • Royalties can be difficult to manage, but Rightsline is able to process even the most complex financial agreements. It will also allow you to generate customizable statements.
  • Choose the frequency of your statements and distribute them in bulk straight from Rightsline.
  • Complete your audit trail.
  • Gain the ability to track cash application as well as partial and full payments.

Used by Industry Leaders Across the Globe

With Rightsline, we make it as simple as possible to manage every kind of license, deals and royalties you have — anywhere in the world.

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In all territories and on all platforms worldwide: Real-time avails, pipeline management, contract visibility, inventory management and more.