In this first episode of Rights Live, Mark Bliss and Jeannine Nembhard from Rightsline speak with Sarah Hussain, Senior Sales Manager at VICE media, about strengthening our media and business relationships when working from home, the rise of independent distribution, and the impact and expansion of diverse content.

Video Transcript:

“Thanks to Netflix first of all for doing that, they took the biggest risk by acquiring Japanese, or Korean, or foreign content and actually getting people to appreciate that, and I know for sure everyone that I speak to really appreciates that level of diverse content, doesn’t really matter whether it is dubbed or subtitled, and I think it can only get better”.

“Where if Netflix wasn’t around we were relying on local channels or local platforms to take that risk but it weren’t in their mandate. So they were only interested in specific types of content. We know there’s an appetite for it; La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), Squid Games, you name it! The biggest trending content on streaming platforms right now are those foreign content, and it just shows the level of appetite there is for that”.

“Before Netflix, in the UK especially, you’d have to get a commission on linear, digital didn’t really exist so Netflix did that, Netflix provided opportunities to independents, and indie filmmakers, and also international content, Korean drama, or Spanish content. It really opened up the market, it opened up the world and the way that consumers are watching content. It also meant that young independent or indie distributors could go to Netflix as well to sell their content so from every phase and every facet, Netflix was a great thing, and it was a moment where the industry was going to change from all aspects and Disney+ came along, and that’s when things really changed and that’s where we are now, we are in the phase where Disney+ has really escalated the change and direct to consumer”.

Sarah Hussain, VICE media