Limited series, also known as mini-series, have slowly risen to prominence in the past few years. Contrary to more traditional ones, which continue for several seasons, these series have a predetermined number of episodes. All of a limited series’s parts are already structured – from the beginning, through the middle, to the end. 

Today’s norm is more focused on binge-watching, which is probably one of the reasons why producers are more keen on making mini-series than traditional ones. However, since these series are limited, they do not not generate a wider audience than usual.

Do Fans Feel Short-Changed?

These limited series are thoroughly planned and well-thought out so that the full story can be laid down in a short period. However, do these limited series deprive the fans of more entertainment value? Do audiences feel like they are being treated unfairly and being cheated out of more content?

Some audiences believe that most of these limited series’ plots can be stretched out to several seasons to further expand and explore the characters’ storylines. Many fans are desperate to know more about their favorite characters and how things will turn out for them, and they feel unsatisfied whenever limited series end. A limited number of episodes leaves the audience wanting more because they feel like the plot can be developed further, giving fans more satisfying storylines and character development. 

Since these series are fixed with a specific number of episodes, the funds and production costs are also fixed. As a result, extending the show can be difficult due to budget constraints. With the limited time producers have, they try their best to produce better storylines that are intended to be short-lived.

Limited Series and What It Means to Their Stars

When Disney+ aired WandaVision, starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, the world was taken by storm. Everybody was hooked on the nine-episode limited series, and most of its audience was practically begging for another season.

However, during one interview, Elizabeth Olsen claimed that it would shock her if the producers decided to pick the show up for another season. She felt that the limited series had already established its plot, and no need to extend it further. The beginning, middle, and end of the show were already laid out, and the final decision all depends on Marvel. Olsen’s claim is that limited series are meant to run for a short time, and WandaVision was able to fully resolve the main story arc during this period.

Final Thoughts

Limited series are fixed, and their producers try their best to create high-quality storylines that best fit the limited number of episodes. Even though audiences may feel that they are being deprived of more amazing content, perhaps it is better to choose a more traditional series with several seasons to avoid the feeling of being left hanging.