A few years ago, European Union lawmakers passed the General Scheme of Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill. Much of the content on popular streaming services like Netflix and Apple TV+ are American-based; this bill is intended to level the playing field for European content creators by mandating that all streaming services must feature at least 30% of European content to avoid being blocked.  

Back then, audiences were more keen on American streaming content. European creators sought out new ways to have their content put on different streaming platforms. But today, it seems that audiences are more drawn towards European streaming content. This begs the question: what changed?

Why the Love for European Streaming Content?

After fighting tooth and nail for their content to be streamed, European creators are now on the rise. Slowly, fans have shifted from mainstream American streaming content towards European streaming content. The increase in European content on popular streaming platforms contributed to a very prosperous period of television. 

 According to the market research group Ampere Analysis, more than half of Netflix’s content is non-English-speaking.. Fans grew to love European streaming content and the new storylines and characters it offers; it was just the breath of fresh air fans needed.  

During the pandemic, people were streaming more than ever. Perhaps due to oversaturation of American content on streaming platforms, fans’ tastes and preferences began to change. European streaming is the perfect choice for fans who are getting tired of American streaming content: it offers the same level of entertainment with the opportunity to dive into European culture.

From Europe to The World

In 2020, Netflix bought Capitani, a Luxembourg crime series by Waringo’s Samsa Films. This series was initially made to be shown on local  television in Luxembourg, but it wasn’t long before it was included in Netflix’s Top 10, as reported by FlixPatrol.

The authenticity and rawness of European streaming content paved the way for other content creators in the world of streaming. For the past 35 years, European content creators produced more than hundreds of television series and films – some even made it to Venice and Cannes.

Final Thoughts

European streaming content took the world by storm because it is fresh, unique, and unconventional. It also serves as a great inspiration to other content creators to continue producing authentic and novel storylines, characters, and plot twists. There is no doubt that the European streaming content will continue claiming the hearts of fans and inspiring content creators worldwide.