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The only solution that adds intelligence
to your intellectual property.

Catalog, contract, inventory, and royalty
management, used by the
biggest and the best.

Rightsline makes catalog, contract, inventory, and royalty management easy and accurate. With Rightsline you can see everything at once and finally connect the dots. You’ll maximize the value of your assets by making better informed decisions and acting faster to monetize them.

This secure cloud technology travels with you wherever you go, offering real-time visual avails, pipeline management, and contract visibility in a complete enterprise system. Powerful enough to be serving the titans of earthly entertainment, Rightsline is affordable enough for many small and midsize players, too. Rightsline is the only comprehensive, cloud-based solution with both the flexibility to work the way you do and the sheer muscle to scale your business to its highest potential.

You’ll always know exactly what you own and exactly what you can do with it, in real time, at your fingertips. You’ll cut the waste from your organization’s internal workflows, so you can do more deals.
Now, finally, you’re standing up for your rights.

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Rightsline is proven every day by industry leaders, across a broad range of applications.

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