The industry-defining, chaos-defying,

EMA-compliant, EIDR-integrated,

API-accessible, oddly-friendly,

Content Avails Service

Business as unusual

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

AvailableTM solves the avails problem for Movies, TV Shows, Concerts, Clips, and more.  This novel data service is EMA-compliant for system interoperability and EIDR-integrated for title accuracy, covering breakdowns by HD, SD, and Promo Windows.

Now to an outsider this could seem a bit boring, and maybe even to an insider if it weren’t just so unprecedented and COOL.

Updates get processed and published to Distribution Partners the same business day they are received from Content Owners, with few exceptions.  And for studios and other Content Owners who request it, AvailableTM can even register your titles with EIDR as a routine courtesy – effortlessly inline with your avails reporting.

Who benefits

It's nice when the gains are mutual.

A process that had grown entirely out of control is now growing back into control with each passing day, as business-minded Content Owners and Content Distributors join in the beneficial system of exchange.

AvailableTM already services many of the world’s most important Content Owners, who are using it to push hundreds of thousands of the world’s most popular titles with their millions of avails directly into some of the world’s largest Content Distributors across dozens of countries and languages.

Why do they join? Ease and reliability.

a • vails /əˈvālz/


an array of traditionally aggravating and inefficient processes by which a given content owner periodically provides a list of all programming that is available to be screened on a contracting broadcaster’s networks, such information typically including but not limited to the viewing timeframe, the wholesale price, and the video format

“The outwardly simple task of organizing avails on both sides of the business had sent many crying to their mommies in hopeless resignation – when along came AvailableTM by Rightsline.”

The one two three

Content Owners

Content Owners (like the Studios) email avails to us, or better yet, connect to our web services and pipe in their avails, indicating which Content Distributors they are for.  There is no fee for Content Owners to publish their avails to our subscribing Content Distributors.

AvailableTM by Rightsline

Our proprietary algorithms normalize all the data to industry standards and verify that all titles are properly identified and matched, using EIDR where possible. Our team of data managers intervenes to handle any exceptions, ensuring the utmost completeness and accuracy.

Content Distributors

Content Distributors (like MSO/MVPDs) subscribe to our data feed, access our API, or login to our companion Rightsline solution to get updates on new releases, pricing changes, and promotions.   Whether receiving entire catalogs or single records, it preserves their sanity.

How to participate

Choose among the four paths to enlightenment.

AvailableTM lets publishers and subscribers interact with the service in four convenient ways. Pick one that makes it easy to get started:


via Email, using Excel and CSV as transfer files


via Web Page, using a smart interface to speed work


via REST API, as a consumable, data-only, web service


via Rightsline, integrated with a complete rights suite

“The Available initiative offers content owners and distributors the tools to integrate EIDR and EMA avails, a consensus position which is fast becoming indispensable in today’s media ecosystem. It’s just the kind of leadership we love to see among SaaS platforms that leverage EIDR.”

Don Dulchinos
Executive Director, Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR)

Join today, enjoy tomorrow

Benefits to Publishers / Content Owners

Reduces your complexity and cost overhead of avails management and dissemination.

Maximizes your revenue by getting more accurate avails out to more distribution partners, and faster.

Facilitates and encourages new deals with content distributors, so you can reach even wider audiences.

Provides you with a high level of service and organization, free of charge.

Makes you beloved by your customers, and babies may smile at you more.

Benefits to Subscribers / Content Distributors

Reduces your complexity and cost overhead of processing avails and on-boarding new content partners.

Maximizes your revenue through the timely and encyclopedic release of available programs to your customers.

Supports contractual compliance with Content Owners, by automating critical windowing and pricing obligations.

Keeps you on pace with innovation, by syncing your fast-paced business to industry protocols and standards.

Turns your scary, chased-by-avails nightmare into a silly, giggly dream.


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