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The data accumulated and produced, It gives great options to output required spreadsheet when needed.
Reynold P.

Media Distribution Solved

RL is great for virtually every aspect of content distribution; rights management, digital inventory, delivery & invoice tracking and full scale availability reporting. The ability to associate your records and create complex ad-hoc reports is invaluable.
Verified Reviewer

Comprehensive and intuitive rights management tool

We used Rightsline to consolidate and in some cases digitize the rights and metadata for our ever-expanding Catalog.
Max L.


The software is easy to use and is an absolute necessity when it comes to rights management. I like how the software is easily customizable to suit our company’s needs.
Eric M.

Finally a good rights-checking siystem

Easy to use, very quick in providing the results in terms of availability report.
Marco G.

User Friendly Software for all

Customization on the go. With business constantly evolving, there are always factors we do not see coming. Rightsline allows and empowers its users to make these changes yourself. Whether it is adding a new drop-down menu to creating a new template, changes are quick and easy to make on an ongoing basis.
Kyle R.


I appreciate having a central easy to use to tool for tracking and storing data.
Foram G.

Rightsline Is Great!

I like how customizable the software is and how easy it is to add and edit different categories. The customer service is also top notch and any issue I’ve had has been dealt with and fixed right away.
Max W.


It is easy to use and navigate. The features are accessible and clear to reach
Allison D.

Team above all. If we solve for the team, the rest will be easy.

Patrick Arkeveld
CEO, Rightsline

Gain 360° Visibility Into All Your Rights

In all territories and on all platforms worldwide: Real-time avails, pipeline management, contract visibility, inventory management and more.