LOS ANGELES, Nov. 10, 2021–Rightsline, the end-to-end Intellectual Property (IP) management solution, announced today the launch of its podcast, Rights Live. Rights Live is the industry’s first podcast on IP and rights management, created specifically for anyone looking to get more from their IP.

The Rights Live podcast interviews management leaders on their experiences and thought leadership targeted to content owners, distributors, broadcasters, publishers, online platforms, and all media channels. Each Rights Live episode includes an interview with a different leader in the space, where they talk about their background and their thoughts on the relevant topics of the day and will shine the light on what is really at the heart of what keeps us entertained and informed – how, where and when media is available for all.

“At Rightsline, we recognize the unique value of intellectual property in everything we do, from consuming media as entertainment, the news that shapes our views of the world, the products we buy, and the music we listen to,” said Kira Baca, Chief Revenue Officer of Rightsline. “By launching this podcast – the first in the industry, we’re excited to bring innovative voices and thought-provoking conversations to the table.”

Every episode is about 20-30 minutes long, with new episodes appearing each month. To listen to Rights Live click here or visit Spotify, Google, or Amazon.

“I’m excited to be a host on this podcast where we explore the importance of IP and its impact on media and other industries. It’s not only a timely subject, but it’s a fascinating one when you dig into the heart of rights, ownership, and the many-layered relationships behind the content, products, and brands we have come to rely on all over the world,” said Jeannine Nembhard, General Manager, UK at Rightsline. “It’s been really fun and educational for both myself and our listeners, to hear firsthand from pioneers of change in the media landscape like VICE and Cinedigm.”

If you know someone who would be a good guest to be interviewed, or if you have a topic in mind, let us know! You can apply to be a guest speaker here: https://bit.ly/rightslive

You can find episode 1 and episode 2 on Rightsline.com.

About Rightsline

Rightsline is the market leader for rights professionals with innovative, cloud-native, rights, avails, and financial management software, allowing our customers to maximize their portfolios while keeping up with changing media and licensing trends. Rightsline customers, including FIFA, Comcast, Amazon, Spotify, BBC, Disney+, and others, work with Rightsline to ensure their teams have the right tools to execute their IP, brand, and content strategies. Our fully integrated and configurable platform gives you comprehensive access to all your rights and content data, across all markets and platforms, instantly. Departments can communicate, collaborate, and cohesively take action without worrying about mistakes; in-app reports and timely alerts ensure you never miss an opportunity to do more.

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