We are thrilled to welcome both Dana Midby & Jeannine Nembhard to the team! So…..please tell us more!

RL: What made you want to join Rightsline and what are you excited to do here?

DM: The dedication, passion, and camaraderie among everyone I met really captured my heart. I love mentoring and leading a team and exciting for the opportunity to institute product management best practices at this stage of the business growth lifecycle at Rightsline.

JN: My conversation with Kira, Patrick and Basmah definitely had an impact on me joining the team as well as the opportunity to take the next step in my career. I want to be a part of the awesome team at Rightsline and bring ideas to the table that will accelerate Rightsline’s position in the industry.

RL: Tell us about your career so far?

DM: I’ve worked in software since I was in college, but I’ve been obsessed with product and customer satisfaction since my early days in the restaurant business. My software journey starting off in QA & implementation and ultimately transitioning to product management over 20 years ago. I have fond memories of bringing a hospitality labor management solution designed for internal use to a globally recognized product. The highlight of my career was after I transitioned out of hospitality into news media. I found it extremely rewarding instituting product management best practices across a number of company acquisitions and watching my expanded product management team become real stewards of the business.

JN: I started my career in television and I basically followed the transformation of how we consume television from linear (ITV) to On Demand (Virgin Media) to watching TV on every device (Applicaster) and watching it on the go (Ooyala/Brightcove).
I founded the Customer Forum at Ooyala and the success of bringing a group of customers together to share their knowledge and best practices as well as giving them access to senior members of the product team, created an annual event for Ooyala globally.

RL: What did you study and where?

DM: I studied Computer Science at the University of Minnesota.

JN: I finished college at the age of 18 and studied contract law part-time whilst working at ITV.

RL: Favourite travel destination and why?

DM: I love Costa Rica! The country is absolutely stunning, the people are warm and welcoming, their passion for making beautiful meals from simple ingredients speaks to my soul. I love their greeting “Pura Vida”, which really demonstrates their way of life (Simple life).

JN: I have a few favorites but would have to pick Jamaica and Mauritius as I have the best memories from both. Being born in Mauritius and having a chicken farm to traveling from one end of Jamaica to the other in one day!

RL: What inspires you?

DM: I’m inspired by learning new things, customer success stories, process improvement, and creating outdoor spaces that provide serenity

JN: A few years ago I would have said success and now, it is to inspire young people to appreciate life and to be good people.

RL: Three items you would take to a desert island?

DM: My family, lots of books and some wine.

JN: A picture of the entire family, good quality flip flops, and a collection of short stories.

RL: Favorite quote on leadership?

DM: If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old – Peter Drucker

JN: If you run you stand a chance of losing, but if you don’t run you’ve already lost – Barack Obama