Unlimited Scalability

Rightsline is entirely hosted within the ultra-secure Amazon Web Services environment, a cloud-based data service that supports elastic scaling through the addition of load-balanced servers on demand. Speedy and reliable, worldwide.

SOC Compliant

World Class Security

Rightsline is SOC compliant and is built and monitored to comply with routine audits of the world’s largest media conglomerates, with flexibility to assign permissions, track accountability, perform audits, and offer transparency as your requirements dictate. The platform supports multi-factor authentication via Google Authenticator, requiring a random code from your user’s smart device upon login to the system. This additional security layer, on top of our best practice infrastructure and encryption, offers heightened  protection for your data.

Complex Made Simple

Rightsline is delivered via the web with no requirement for third party tools, plugins, or emulation. There is no need for our clients to invest in additional hardware, software, or support personnel. Any major web browser will do. We also provide enterprises with 24×7 global technical assistance, by telephone and email.  But you won’t need that much.  Our winning user interface and logical screen flows belie the complexity of both the technology and the business rules beneath it all.

Connect the Dots via API

Rightsline is built to connect, like no other system of its kind. Our API is complete, well documented, and available to develop interfaces against throughout your organization. Indeed, our entire SaaS application runs on this same set of robust services. Our API accepts all popular protocols to increase interoperability with nearly any external system. Transmission of any data is encrypted using SSL, and API access is limited based upon your configured security restrictions.

We encourage all potential clients to really “look under the hood” before buying into any solution. For more detail, check out the latest version of our Public API Documentation.

Expert Implementation

For those clients that need a higher level of configuration or customization, Rightsline has an established track record of success, and we always get you up and running in a structured and professional way. We combine our generalized Project Management Methodology (PMM) with a specific Delivery Methodology (DM) to deliver your specialized needs on time and on budget. That’s because our leadership and development teams bring decades of experience in successful enterprise rights software development and implementation.

Guaranteed Service Level

When trusting your vital business functions to any SaaS product, it’s critical to consider the Service Level of the solution. Rightsline service level is rock solid and guaranteed:

  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed, each month;
  • Monitored every minute by a third-party monitoring system;
  • 10% credit if we don’t meet our goal, and 10% for each additional 1% downtime.

While this is an excellent security blanket, our historical performance is even better: Close to zero downtime. But don’t take it from us, talk to our happy customers.