SQS & SNS Offerings


To complement our API, Rightsline offers two ways to receive message notifications on events.  An AWS Simple Queue Service (“SQS”) FIFO queue, or the use of AWS SNS Topics.  More information on SQS can be found here, and for SNS here.

Message Groups

Each message published by Rightsline will have a messageGroupId that will be populated with the Entity Type identifier of the entity the message is referencing.  Underlined entity types are component level.

Identifier Endpoint Label
0 relationship
1 catalog-item
2 contact
3 right
4 deal
5 table-row
7 financial-document
10 amount
14 file
15 job
16 project
17 inventory


Four actions are supported:

  • created
  • updated
  • deleted
  • availability-changed (see more information about this message here)
  • action-executed