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With the most horizontally integrated platform on the market, you can track the entire intellectual property supply chain: development projects, acquisition contracts, distribution deals and all the terms, conditions, and financial obligations within each. True end-to-end management of intellectual property value. With Rightsline, we make it as simple as possible to manage every kind of license, deals and royalties you have — anywhere in the world.

We Are Not Just a System. We Are a Culture.

Our team consists of industry professionals and veterans of the IP space, helping us understand our end users even more. Confidently equipped with years of experience, we can help manage the IP lifecycle for distributors, content buyers/sellers, broadcasters, publishers, online platforms, and media channels. The most straightforward intelligent tools to fully exploit your catalog and reveal new opportunities to maximize audiences and profitability.

The Power is in Your Hands

Powerful Enough for Enterprise and Simple Enough for Any Size

Rightsline is built to grow and change with your business.

Allows you to adapt to an ever-changing media landscape.

Our highly-customizable configuration module allows you to alter and create new data structures, workflows, and processes.

The Rightsline Application

Build milestone-driven payment schedules, royalties, and royalty reporting, raise invoices, amortize expenses, track revenue, and calculate participations using our robust accounting features. Generate invoices, credit memos, and check requests against deals, either manually or automated by milestones. Issue account statements.

Easily manage info for each of your teammates and the companies and contacts with whom you do business, and assign everyone to appropriate parties on specific records such as deals, catalog items, and accounting documents.

Capture all your deals, track critical terms, and key dates.

Analyze rights, calculate real-time title availability, and identify conflicts in seconds so you always know what you can sell and where to strike next.

Keep track of all your licensable IP in one place, including films, hierarchical series, albums, consumer products, and more.

Build and distribute complex custom reports using our in-app BI reporting features.


Our solution solves the manual “Avail Spreadsheet” problem, giving Rightsline users the ability to streamline creation and delivery of transactional avails. Leveraging both your catalog and rights, AvailsGen unites the sales and operations processes and rapidly generates sales avails in industry standard formats, empowering content owners to exploit their assets swiftly with a toolset that pinpoints availability — no guesswork needed.

  • You have exact control over the mapping of your catalog data to your avails.
  • You can pre-define your sales terms and pricing for each retail platform, ensuring that the avails generated thereafter will be relevant and accurate. Set it & forget it!
  • You have visibility into how your sales avails align with the corresponding catalog Rights, and optional safeguards to prevent availing something outside of your rights.
  • You don’t need to be an expert in formatting — AvailsGen handles it for you.

A Single Source of Truth

A single system of truth for your rights data will avoid issues, increase productivity, and can even up your bottom line. We have built our platform so that all content information surrounding a piece of media — from title metadata to the financial components — are aggregated into our single system, streamlining your data and therefore maximizing the IP.

Whether you make, buy or sell content, Rightsline is more than just master data; it’s a workflow workhorse. You’ll shepherd deals from concept to term sheet to contract and all the way through delivery and invoicing, triggering a symphony of timely notifications and approvals that takes the friction and grind out of work.

Gain 360° Visibility Into All Your Rights

In all territories and on all platforms worldwide: Real-time avails, pipeline management, contract visibility, inventory management and more.