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Rights Management


As Head of Operations, Pamela Popp oversees all Operations, Rights Management, and Digital Asset Management. Pamela wanted to get their avails done more accurately, with an improved process of their Rights In and Rights Out to avoid any setbacks on current and future Deals.

“Rights is a complex arena…you really need to know what you’re doing.”


Pamela uses Rightsline and the AvailsGen product to streamline the rights management process and maximize revenue.

“Giving us the ability to do it ourselves has been really empowering and helpful, that’s been a game-changer for us.”


Chicken Soup for the Soul boosted deals and gained more transparency on their overall rights management process to help maximize their revenue using Rightsline.

The Rightsline UI has been really flexible for us. Rightsline just has a much better UI.

– Pamela Popp, Head of Operations at Chicken Soup for the Soul