Vaccines to videoscopes.

Life sciences are always evolving, and so is the need to manage IP assets. With Rightsline, managing rights and royalties for new drugs, medical devices, and other life-changing innovations has never been easier. Say goodbye to IP chaos and hello to breakthroughs with our simplified approach to rights, royalties, and accounting.

When science squads unite.

When academic institutions, government agencies, and private companies work together to create new drugs, medical devices, and other life-changing innovations, magic happens. Rightsline simplifies complex partnerships and licensing agreements so science can stay focused on creating breakthroughs.

Tracking milestones.

With Rightsline, tracking and managing contractual agreements for milestones across development, FDA approval, clinical trials, and commercialization is hassle-free. Our software keeps track of every milestone and enforces IP license terms, spanning multiple regions and patent windows, so your innovations can make a difference in the world.

No headaches, just breakthroughs.

Say goodbye to spreadsheet headaches with Rightsline’s rights and royalties software. Our flexible statements and portal capabilities streamline calculation and payment processing, freeing you up to tackle the world’s most complex challenges—like curing diseases or developing medical breakthroughs.

Hello world.

When it comes to distributing life-changing life sciences, drugs, and medical devices, IP licensing and distribution can be tricky. But with Rightsline, you can navigate the complexities of licensing agreements and commercialization with ease and ensure everyone is compensated fairly.

Everything you need to protect life sciences innovations.

  • Catalog & Inventory Management
  • Availability Reporting
  • Conflict & Collision Checks
  • Rights Windowing & DateMath
  • Workflow Engine

  • Date Alerts & Notifications
  • Royalty Rate Allocations
  • Revenue, Price, Unit Rate, Usage Allocations
  • Net or Gross Amount Allocations
  • Profit or Cost Share Agreements

  • Bundle & Kit Explosion Management
  • Stacking Clauses Allocation
  • Capitalized & Expensed Advances
  • Multiple Party Contracts & Participant Shares
  • Flexible Statement Formatting

“Great for virtually every aspect of content distribution, rights management, digital inventory, delivery & invoice tracking, and full scale reporting.”

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Partnered with 150+ top industry leaders around the world.

Partnered with 150+ top industry leaders around the world.

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