We thrive on complexity.

We have over 25 years experience solving extremely complex royalties. In fact, we’ve never met a deal term or calculation exception our advanced royalty management software couldn’t handle. Bring on the complicated contracts, payment terms, deals, revenue allocations, and more.

Manage Volume

Crank up the volume.

We were architected to manage volume in a complex world. Our platform facilitates royalty payments by accurately disbursing payments to licensors and navigating complex royalty accounting. Whether its hundreds or thousands of contracts, millions of titles or licenses, or billions of dollars entrusted to our platform, no one, including spreadsheets, manages volume like we do.

Generate Statements

Custom tailored statements.

No need to buy off the rack statements. Every business and has unique licensing requirements. With Rightsline, you can customize your statements based on specific contract terms. You can create your own statement designs or templates, set statement cadence, manage statement generation, and deliver your way.

Ensure Compliance

Dotting I's and crossing T's.

Ensuring royalty compliance is key to meeting legal and contractual obligations. Our platform automates royalty calculation for compliance, ensuring accuracy and timely payments. That’s why we dot every I and cross every T with security permissions, audit trails, risk mitigation, royalty management, contractual addendums, and more. Trust Rightsline to have your back.

The royalty accounting software used by the world's largest organizations to track and manage a wide range of sales, royalties, revenue sharing, and profit sharing deal types.

We navigate uniqueness.

Trusted by the biggest names across diverse industries, we understand vertical quirks, unique business nomenclature, languages, UI needs, and more. Our royalty management platform caters to complex business requirements to efficiently manage large volumes of contracts with various financial aspects across royalty statements, income, fees, advances in multiple currencies all while automating royalty reporting. We configure our royalties engine to your business instead of the other way around.

Reporting down to a science.

Reporting gets granular with Rightsline. Our royalty tracking and accounting software provides incredibly detailed reporting for rights holders, ensuring they have the insights they need. Whether it’s ISBN, month, format, channel, contract deal terms, royalty calculations, or favorite color—you name it. Ok, maybe not favorite color. Our reporting tools lets you choose your own adventure and report on any level of detail with ease. With reporting this intuitive, anyone can run them.

We go back in time.

Need to go back in time and amend a data file or contract, fix errors, adjust royalty rates, or more? No problem. With Rightsline, you can magically go retroactive and make any necessary changes. No time machine or DeLorean needed.

And play well with others.

At Rightsline, we pride ourselves on playing well with others. That’s why our rights and royalties platform is agnostic and interoperable with legacy and traditional platforms, so you can keep using the systems you know and love.

"We've saved a lot of manual work and secured control over a complex process by leveraging the unique capabilities of Rightsline."

Verified Customer

Everything you need to make managing royalties easy.

  • Complex Revenue Allocations
  • Bundle/Kit Explosion
  • Stacking Clauses
  • Subscription Revenue Proration
  • Variable Net Revenue/Profit Definitions
  • Multiple Royalty Methods
  • Transaction-Based Royalty Rates
  • Calculated/Imported Cap Deductions
  • Capitalized & Expensed Advances
  • Advance Recoupment
  • Variable Guarantees & Shortfall Payments
  • Contracts Bearing Other Contracts
  • Multiple Party Contracts & Participant Shares
  • Reserves & Liquidation
  • Currency Conversion & Taxes
  • Forecasting & 'What-If'
  • Ad-hoc Reporting
  • Flexible Statement Formatting
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