About Us

Our Mission

To build the most comprehensive, intuitive, and technology-forward platform with the goal of maximizing the value of intellectual property.

Having an experienced creative team who have also worked within the media industry helps us better understand the needs of other creatives and content companies alike. We support buyers, sellers, co-licensors, streaming sites, etc. So we understand the much-needed room to continue growing, innovating, and not having to worry about managing the complexities of a rights management platform.

Our Vision

To extend culture and foster innovation by enabling intellectual property to be shared with the world.

Our Story

We pride ourselves on our relationships and truly value authenticity. We manage rights data and content and invest a lot of our talent and energy in helping build the very best multi-tenant rights and contract management platform so that life can become that little bit easier for our customers.

Our international team is always at hand to resolve any issues, but the reality is, we always want to be there when needed most. So we work hard to help content companies, distributors, broadcasters, publishers, online platforms, and all media channels with the most straightforward intelligent systems to exploit their catalogs using our rights management software entirely. Our customers are industry-leading TV networks, distributors, studios, VOD & OTT services, publishers, and brand licensors.

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Our Management Team

We Are Not Just a System. We Are a Culture


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Team above all. If we solve for the team, the rest will be easy.

Patrick Arkeveld
CEO, Rightsline