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Rights Management

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) revolutionizes its inventory management with the implementation of Rightsline, a modern and versatile software solution.

Facing challenges in delivering availability reporting promptly and maintaining accurate and reliable data in a centralized system, ABC sought a comprehensive tool to streamline content distribution and optimize revenue generation. By leveraging Rightsline’s robust inventory management features, ABC effectively utilizes their extensive rights inventory across various media platforms. The ABC sales department benefits from Rights Explorer, empowering them to predict and monitor content sales with precision. With Rightsline as their unified platform, ABC achieves increased operational efficiency by centralizing advance payments, invoices, contract approval workflows, delivery tracking, and cataloging. The elimination of multiple systems and spreadsheets enhances workflow, while the real-time access to financial, catalog, and delivery information eliminates the need for time-consuming requests. Furthermore, Rightsline’s workflow notifications feature reduces email requests, promoting seamless collaboration within the organization.

With Rightsline at its core, ABC optimizes content distribution, strengthens rights management, and ensures effective inventory analysis and planning, enabling the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to thrive in the ever-evolving media landscape.