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Royalties Management

Since 2010, PPL has harnessed the power of Rightsline to expertly allocate and distribute UK and International revenues among their more than 140,000 performer and record company members.

PPL, the UK music industry’s collective management organisation for performers and recording rightsholders, licenses recorded music when it is played in public (shops, bars, nightclubs, offices etc.) or broadcast (radio, TV etc.) and ensures that revenue flows back to its members. These include both independent and major record companies, together with performers ranging from emerging grassroots artists to established session musicians and globally renowned artists. PPL also collects royalties for performers and recording rightsholders when their recorded music is played around the world.

By effectively managing complex rights and royalty calculations, Rightsline empowers PPL to create maximum value for their music industry partners. Furthermore, PPL utilizes Alliant to extend its royalty calculation capabilities to other Music Licensing Companies, solidifying its role as a central player in the dynamic world of music licensing.

With Rightsline and Alliant, PPL is at the forefront of maximizing music royalties and streamlining the licensing process for the benefit of their extensive network of members and partners.