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Rights Management

Shout! Studios, a multi-platform media company specializing in film and TV distribution, development, and production, leverages Rightsline as a comprehensive platform to streamline their title and deal management processes.

As a distributor of acquired titles across various platforms, Shout! Studios utilizes Rightsline to effectively track their catalog items, manage acquisition and sales deals, and seamlessly integrate with other systems via the API. The Inventory module enables Shout! Studios to keep track of different versions of catalogs, encompassing both digital and physical formats. By harnessing Rightsline’s capabilities, Shout! Studios optimizes their operational efficiency, ensures accurate data management, and strengthens their distribution processes.

With Rightsline as a key solution, Shout! Studios solidifies their position as a leading provider of professionally produced film, TV, and digital video content, driving their continued success in the industry.