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Rights are at the center of your business, and the media universe is accelerating out of control. To get ahead, you need perfect data and streamlined workflows. Unfortunately, it’s a struggle even to know what you own and what you can do with it, let alone monetize it to the max.

Our enterprise SaaS solution solves that and more. You’ll gain control of your Catalog, Inventory, Avails, Deals, and Royalties like never before. You’ll always know exactly what you own and exactly what you can do with it, in real time, at your fingertips. You’ll cut the waste from your organization’s internal workflows, so you can do more deals.

Be complete

Our fully-integrated IP suite handles all your critical tasks. Use some or use it all.


Built-in CRM to smartly manage and update the companies and contacts that are parties to your deals, while maintaining accurate history and relationships for all.


Manage development projects, term deals, submissions, work samples, and more. Share comments with your team, and generate pre-greenlight options and deals.


Keep track of all your licensable IP in one place, including hierarchical and sibling associations among derivative works, series, seasons, episodes, albums, songs, products, and more.


Know when deals are expiring, what's available to sell, what's underutilized, and where to strike next. Manage workflow from term sheet through close and delivery.


Track and store all the physical and digital assets associated with an item in your catalog. Attach them as deliverables to a deal. Even get estimates and create a Work Order.


Generate Invoices, Credit Memos, and Check Requests against deals, either manually or automated by milestones. Issue account statements. Integrate with ERP.

Be strong, but flexible

Our unmatched configurability works the way you do.

Some rights tools want you to do things their way, and they’re going to squeeze your business into their shape. Others just pretend to be rights tools, but really they’re going to build you something so custom, it’s unsustainable. Say no to them. Through decades of accumulated experience and our ingenious configuration system, Rightsline is the only platform that can fully support you while it bends over backwards.

You’ll get all the fun and satisfaction of (finally) creating that perfect homegrown app to address your business needs, but without the high cost of building it or the mortal pain of maintaining it. Best of all, no matter what you do, you’ll know it’s built on a foundation of standards that guarantees your precious data will always be yours and will remain relevant and dynamic – because we can promise the business won’t stop changing.

Rightsline is the platform you can never outgrow.

Rightsline is more than master data; it’s a workflow workhorse. You’ll shepherd deals from concept to term sheet to contract and all the way through delivery and invoicing, triggering a symphony of timely notifications and approvals that takes the friction and grind out of work.

Our granular, role-based security model lets your administrator define exactly who gets to see what and when. Our complete audit log maintains your chain of accountability with every action.

Work. Should. Flow. Work should flow.

Be smooth

Our workflow engine makes your productivity hum.

“We looked for the best partner and the best solution for rights management and found that in Rightsline.”

Andy Shenkler
Chief Product & Technology Officer – Deluxe Entertainment Services

Be intelligent

Our insightful reporting makes you richer.

You’ve got to know your business to make money, and Rightsline has three ways to make your business richer every day: With pre-formatted reports, with a custom query tool, and – for enterprise data wonks only – with direct connectivity to a Data Mart.

Pre-formatted reports answer your most routine questions. The custom query tool lets you explore the full dimensionality of your data and draw out accurate answers to satisfy every nagging curiosity. The Data Mart de-normalizes the transactional data into a BI-optimized schema and allows common third party data analysis tools to connect to it with sufficient permission. You can just ignore that last one if you want to, but some of you really need it, and you know who you are.

So go on, challenge your assumptions, and challenge your team.

Your business is a formidable game of dates. In fact, so many dates are not even known at the time a deal gets signed. They’re just defined as contractual events. But then it gets worse. Those future events can trigger other events on other unknown dates, which can then trigger others, sometimes years out, ad absurdum.  Who can keep track of all the ink?

We like to call this monstrousness a “date cascade,” and our proprietary Date Math engine gives you complete control over it.

Date Math makes it a snap to create a triggering relationship between two or more date fields. That means when a contractual event occurs, and you enter the date of it, any dependent dates auto-magically set themselves. Couple that with the power of date Alerts – likewise available on every date field – and you’ll never blow past an obligation again.

That’s Date Math. Another Rightsline exclusive.

Be on it

Our innovative data features keep you timely.


Our secure portals serve your larger world.

Would you rather call your phone company and hang on hold, or just serve yourself on their website in three minutes? How about your bank? Your customer’s time and your partner’s time are just as valuable as that of your own colleagues, and they appreciate when you give them smart tools and discreet access to jump into your workflow to achieve your common goal.

Rightsline offers Add-On modules that can reduce the transaction costs for everything you do, and often increase your revenues. Think about adding “external users” through our Secure Partner Portal and Global Licensing Storefront. We also offer 24/7 Global Support.

Everyone will thank you.

Be trusting

The cloud is your friend.

Security is the trust that builds civilizations. With Rightsline, there is no need to invest in additional hardware, software, or support personnel. Simply use any major browser to login securely from anywhere in the world, or access through your organization’s VPN with single sign-on.

The application makes use of elastic scaling, which is the addition of load-balanced servers on demand, effortlessly supporting users in every time zone. We routinely test and monitor peak loads and database performance to assure no abnormal lag time, so your business is guaranteed to scale in a seamless and transparent way on our architecture.

Rightsline is proud to be FAST and reliable.

“Rightsline has helped us increase our top line by reducing deal leakage and improving our compliance process. Best of all, we can now focus on building relationships with customers rather than processing orders.”

Nate Collins
President, Samuel French


You'll love our API.

Rightsline doesn’t do everything. None of your systems do, and you shouldn’t want them to. But you do need them to connect to one another, to talk and to play nice.

Our API is so complete and robust that we run our entire application on it. Use it to build interfaces to all your critical systems, internal and external, such as asset management, content delivery, and ERP accounting. It’s free, and it’s public.

Don’t hesitate to kick our tires, but also look under the hood. There’s nothing to hide.

Be you

Platforms like Rightsline arise when companies agree: We can grow our industry faster by sharing these best practices.

Humans are social creatures, and our human business is organized around social principles. The trick is remaining yourself, staying proprietary, while keeping enough in common with your partners, customers, and even your competition to let your business flow freely.

Industry platforms like Rightsline arise naturally when companies agree: We can grow our industry faster together, by sharing these tools, these protocols, these best practices. You wouldn’t build your own word processor, and you wouldn’t use a spreadsheet to write a letter. You reach for the right tool for the task at hand.

That’s why more and more businesses that center on rights, center on Rightsline.

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