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    The only solution that adds intelligence
    to your intellectual property.

    Catalog, contract, inventory, and royalty
    management, used by the
    biggest and the best.


What is Rightsline

Rightsline makes catalog, contract, inventory, and royalty management easy and accurate. With Rightsline you can see everything at once and finally connect the dots. You’ll maximize the value of your assets by making better informed decisions and acting faster to monetize them.

Where can it take you

This secure cloud technology travels with you wherever you go, offering real-time visual avails, pipeline management, and contract visibility in a complete enterprise system.  Powerful enough to be serving the titans of earthly entertainment, Rightsline is affordable enough for many small and midsize players, too. Rightsline is the only comprehensive, cloud-based solution with both the flexibility to work the way you do and the sheer muscle to scale your business to its highest potential.

Why do you need it

Rightsline surfaces new intelligence that helps you grow your business.

& Inventory
In and Out
Royalties Accounting
Production Services
Submissions Management
High-Volume Licensing

Who loves you

Rightsline is the gift you give your entire organization.


Your rights are your business. You carry the vision to do even more, and you know the only way to scale a vision today is on great technology.


Sometimes it feels like a house of cards; building and maintaining on your own is unsustainable. So you find the best platforms and integrate.


Your team needs avails in real time – both at their desks and on the road – so they can spot and sell new opportunities at the speed of business.


Anyone can make a deal, but then you have to make it real. So when the digital ink dries, you want the work orders to start flowing.


You feel good when terms are plain to see, conflict free, and the deal is running smoothly. How will you use your extra time? Go home early? Or just do more?


You want proof that maximum value is being created from your assets, and also that your receivables and payables are being hit on every deal.


You win by empowering your team with the most efficient tools to build and develop your company’s most valuable asset – your sellable catalog.


You create from nothing, and you need to account for results. Gather all your agreements. Streamline work. And demonstrate your value.

The kind of company we keep

Rightsline is proven every day by industry leaders, across a broad range of applications.

Andy Kaplan

“We studied the full field of rights platforms before choosing Rightsline.  We’re expanding the program throughout the studio.   They are clearly well positioned in the marketplace of rights management solutions for global media companies.”

Andy KaplanPresident, Worldwide Networks, Sony Pictures Television

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